There’s Perfection in Imperfection

It’s the human in us to seek perfection, at some point we have all fallen guilty of being blinded by it. One thing I have noticed, especially in my voiceover work, is that perfection can also be the enemy. For example, I have read scripts, only to be told that the read was great, but could I make it less perfect. When I first heard this statement, I was in shock; I mean, isn’t perfection what we strive for? However, when I took a few steps back, and listened to what was being asked of me, I then understood that what was being sought, had nothing to do with saying every line without flaw; Instead, it had everything to do with allowing myself to let go of control, and become real and honest with the script. Once I got out of my head, I was able to let down my guard and give a natural approach to the script, which amazingly required less work, and everything feel into place.

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