I often think about the demanding training that many athletes go through, in order to pursue their dreams. The countless hours of conditioning their bodies and minds, and the rigorous stress they put on their bodies day in and day out. Yet, when we see them on the field, court, etc., it seems so effortless. The way they navigate in their sport, seems as though it is second nature, and leaves no signs of all the hurdles they had to overcome to get to where they are. Somehow, they managed to convert all their hard work, into a natural habit that they no longer have to think about, instead, they just do. They don’t question or second guess their abilities, or analyze every movement; they don’t live in their heads, but rather in that moment. Every action or choice they make, is influenced by all of their training, yet they have managed to let go of control, and be assured that they are capable to tackle any arising task, without question.

My goal is to convert my voice over training into second nature; for it to be so fluid that I don’t have to think about what to do, just trust, and jump.

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