Fun. Sassy. Real.

Shona McNeilL

“There is power in your voice, the words you say, and how you say them; So when you speak, speak with purpose, and the intent to be heard.”

– Shona McNeill

Let Me Be Your Voice

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     In the fast pace world that we live in, it’s often a luxury to be able to stop and admire the flowers that life gives us. We often overlook the simple things, which are the very contributions we need the most. With that  being said, each script has the ability to tell a story, empower a life, or donate a much needed smile.  For the listener is the soil, your script provides the seeds, and my voice is the water; when these simple things are combined, they produce the flowers that remind us all to stop and admire the little things. Let’s make your script encourage someone to stop and take notice .

A few Clients I have worked with

  • Colgate Bright Smiles
  • Arm and Hammer
  • Popsockets Nails
  • Chase Marketing
  •  SunExpress
  • I Pondr At Work
  • All In Credit Union


With a warm, smooth and reassuring voice, Shona, is a pleasure to work with, going above and beyond what is asked, with quick turnaround times. A true professional, she is on my short list of VO actors to work with!
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Bruce D.
Shona has a wonderful ability to listen to the client, understanding his or her needs. She provides quick turnarounds, a solid commitment to her task, and is always a true pleasure to work with. I will continue to rely on her for future endeavors!
Shona's voiceover is natural and expressive. I also appreciate the high quality of her recordings; I am very impressed with the results.
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Mehmet Onur